Coverage that protects your biggest asset.

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Best Coverage For Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance may have a strange name, but it’s an easy concept to understand: it is simply an extra liability policy, just for the extra peace of mind. When experiencing a major insurance claim or lawsuit, you could end up in an unfortunate situation where costs will exceed your coverage-that’s when we come in.  We’ll help you protect your financial future. 

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Jay Parker

CEO, Florida Brokerage, of Douglas Elliman

My experience with NSI was mind-blowing in terms of service, diligence and how they provide a higher level of care. They are constantly looking to provide me with added value, not to upsell me but to provide more comprehensive service at a lower price.


Jeff Grady

President & CEO, Florida Association of Insurance Agents

There’s more institutional knowledge at NSI than in most places in Florida. They have real knowledge about their craft…it’s often not just about the price of insurance, it’s about the right coverage and finding the right company.


coverage that protects your biggest asset

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About the insurance

So, what exactly is an umbrella policy?

An umbrella policy is a type of extra liability policy that provides additional protection from major claims and lawsuits.

This type of policy can protect you in two different ways:

Above your limits – this means the policy can pay for expenses that exceed what your current auto or home policies will pay in the event of major claims or lawsuits.

Excluded from your limits – An umbrella policy can also handle expenses related to claims that aren’t covered by your current chosen policies, such as:  false arrest, libel, and slander.

Is it necessary to have umbrella insurance? 

Let’s put it this way: if you have assets to protect, then yes, it is highly recommended. Those of high net worth (1M or higher) should most definitely have this policy in place. 

When you have the umbrella policy in place, does it cover the whole family? 

Other members of your household such as your spouse and/or children may be included in your personal umbrella policy; however, some exclusions may apply.
Be sure to read your policy though or speak to us to learn which members of your household may qualify for this protection. 

Do renters benefit from having umbrella policy? 

In all honesty, anyone can. Having the extra liability protection provided by this policy may help protect renters in the event that they are found legally responsible for someone else’s loss. Something to keep in mind is that not all insurers offer umbrella policy for renters, so be sure to speak to us so we can explain what liability coverages are available to you.

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